Sunday, February 11, 2007

pinch me am I dreaming?

Darling's I am too jet lagged and too drunk (on real champs not that B.C. sparkling wine) to even begin to tell you what happened at the "BAFTA" awards tonight! Keep posted! Over and I mean Out! Blabbyxox

Okay, I have had my cup of tea and I am awake now. Last night was Fabulous - I walked the red carpet with my new best friends Jake, Penelope, Kyle (smashing in a multicoloured sequined minidress with crazy kimono sleeves) and Dame Judy! Denise and I drowned ourselves in "Taittinger" at the exclusive pre-party and then enjoyed the show. The after-party put on by "E" was a gas - we hung out with those "History Boys", Andy Cerkus (from Lord of the Rings), and all those wild Latinos from "Babel"! World famous hairdresser Nicky Clarke was there and that dreamy dude from "Coronation street"! The Djay was amazing - he mixed Love Hangover with Billie Jean, and a Djay saved my life tonight! I was thrilled to see that the Twist was back! Tomorrow I am going to the premier of Simon Pegg's new film "Hot Fuzz". BLIMEY GOVNA, I love London!

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