Monday, March 26, 2007

JUMPING THE SHARK in the Style Dept

When why and how do fashion stars lose it?
Let’s talk about stars that had it and now don’t.
Look at Cher, she had a big comeback but now where is she? I think she would look ridiculous if she tried to come back now! She looks like she is on permanent exhibit at Madame Tussauds. And Faye Dunaway - well she looks like Miss Havisham. Now I don’t mean to pick on the seniors, because style is not about age - look at Jackie O, Helen Gurley Brown, Lauren Hutton, and Gloria Vanderbilt. And the empress of fashion, Diana Vreeland. Diane Von Furstenberg has been wearing the same dress for 30 years and she still looks fab! Lauren Hutton has managed to remain
u currant. These gals found a style that worked for them and stuck to it! We can only hope that Madonna will take a cue from them. Excessive plastic surgery is the first sign of jumping the style shark; desperation does not look good on anyone!
Look at Sharon stone - she was a style original, always taking risks (the gap t shirt at the Oscars) - now she is trying to look edgy and experimenting with new looks, and not, as I always say, age appropriate. What about Wynona Ryder - she went from the cover of Vogue to Historyville in the blink of an eye! What happened? It couldn’t be just that shoplifting thing! J lo has jumped the style shark simply by marrying "Lon Chaney"! Staying hip in young Hollywood is getting harder all the time - The poor darlings don’t know what to do! No wonder they turn to drugs. Look at little Ashley Simpson; as if the Sat Night Live lipsync thing wasn’t enough, she goes and gets a nose job, which took away any bit of street cred she had left. Gwen Stefani has jumped, trying way too hard - she looks like someone who is imitating her. Stars like Brittany and Lindsay never had style, they have stylists.

The Olsen twins are new style Icons - I think they look great in a freaky way - I can’t wait to watch them grow old - They never had stylists and they actually buy couture! They are the Nan Kempner’s of their generation. They should do a horror movie together! Chloe Sevigny is a style hound, managing to look modern, yet not over the top. The new breed of cool-makers are marching to a new tomtom beat! Watch out for Lilly Allen, Amy Winehouse, and big gal Beth Ditto! How do we know when we have lost our cool? Well, buying your music at Starbucks for one, or your clothes at Costco! Costco is good for toilet paper and a case of San Pellegrino, and that’s it! Now Superstore has a clothing line called “Joe” which they are trying to sell as cool - "Honey hold this ham while I try on these pants”. They sell a jacket for $39 - C’mon how much did that cost to make? - I smell a sweat shop! Madonna has her new “H& M” line. That is never a smart move - Now she has joined the ranks of Jacquelyn Smith, Kathy Ireland, and Cheryl Tiegs! Attention Kmart shoppers, Big Box is never Hip!

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