Saturday, March 17, 2007

WORST DRESSED pour homme 2007

#1 P Diddy Puffy Sean J or whatever! Take out those ladies earrings and shut your mouth! No, I mean close your mouth, literally! Ball caps on sideways are for kids in old movies that say "gee mister, can we keep him"!

#2 David Letterman -
Those horrible double-breasted suits , and those little taffy loafers with white socks! He wears pleated khakis! #3 Justin Timberlake
He just looks like he is trying too hard ! Desperate to be accepted into cool school! #4 Simon Cowell
Those T shirts? And that weird boxy haircut! He is a gillionaire - Is that all we get? (I would still do him, if he wasn't going out with Ryan Seacrest) # 5 Andre Leon Tally - Just because you report on crazy fashion doesn't mean you should wear it!

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