Thursday, December 27, 2007


Hi gang! I hope everybody had a happy and glamorous holiday!
Paul Robinson took these shots of our xmas eve!

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New here,

I'm just browsing sites for the kids of Haiti.

I'm at this site for a non-profit organization that is devoted to giving time to
creating oppurtunities for the children in haiti. If anyone wants to help then then please do so here:

[url=]Donate to Haiti[/url] or Help Haiti

They give children in Haiti books and teach them.

And yes, they're real.

Any help would be great
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This forum rocks.. I really liked it...

Greets everyone!


I just wanted to say hi to everyone


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Greets dude!

It is my first time here. I just wanted to say hi!
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Once again, in a game full table, you long to drop his hands, waiting for the few specific hands. The shorthanded tables need to catch every opportunity to look for confrontation, and be sure that your opponents are waiting for it too. Meet your enemies and be careful not to give away.
Poker is a game where a large part takes place in our heads, so be sure that the shorthanded tables tend to be more stressful for the player, and so they actually are. However, by many considered to be the quintessence of constant action and the most exciting of the possible games. If you refine the details, this may be for you the most profitable form of poker.
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"Heads Up" poker is when two players involved. You can play tournaments, which are composed only of the heads-up. Reading your opponent. If you have any information you may have about your opponent, you can use it while playing heads up. Maybe resigns due to conquer large, large rates with the weak handami or always putting in pots, putting to an end. Remember that your opponent is also close, so mix your game.
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Probably many times you find yourself in a situation where you will be playing poker at a table part - shorthanded. This can be a casino game, which has already dropped a few players and there is no one to replace them. You can also play with your friends in a private event where you just do not have enough people.
It is still possible, in the table of your choice shorthanded. Whatever the reason, you need to be aware of the strategy of the game at this table, because it is very different from the standard game, the nine-or ten-attendance at the table.
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The table part you have to play a lot more hands, playing them very aggressively. There is no place to hide and wait for a pair of aces.
Each pool is a struggle. You need to diversify your game if you want to be successful. This does not mean that you have come with each hand, but remember to lower your standards a little bit about starting hands. Tip Two: Defend His blinds. Playing "full ring" you can afford to temper its dark. In a shorthanded game, you must show that your blinds are easy prey that is not afraid to see the big raise. Heavily check that your big or small blind is not free money.
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Playing for free in various games can always be treated as a perfect way to entertain . Currently we are able to find many sites on which you can play various games for free. On the one hand we find for such stornach numerous games with extensive graphics and beautiful visually. On the other hand, we can play a lot of games that are also sports . For these games , we can include on the one hand chess, on the other hand poker . In the beginning always in such games should be played for free , because we can be sure that we do not lose our money unnecessarily .

Before you start to play for money , we must first have the ability to win regularly . In this way, we can count on is that poker will be able to achieve some income. When we play for free first of all networks free of such an encounter the poker version of what is called the Texas Holdem. In it we play primarily based on relevant layed our chips , as well as determining the chances of the emergence of such a system of cards you can give us victory. Such a winning hand in contrast to the popular Polish version of draw poker , build with two cards we receive on the hand , and of the five that are on the table.

Depending on how we can estimate the chance of appearing on the cards you are interested , we can count on more or less won . Also, the regularity of winning is dependent on our ability . Only at the highest sporting level, there is the game that is poker, the element of luck . When it comes to poker free , we will meet a lot of people that game and did not have any skills. In this way we can see the players , what kind of risk once all their chips all in playing , and not even having relevant to this card . For this reason, the network game is slightly different from the real game , or sporting event . When such professions we can get we will always have slightly modified our tactics and strategies of playing. On the other hand, in such tournaments , we can count on a very high cash prizes.
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