Monday, June 23, 2008


It was non stop Fun all weekend! First it was dinner at my friend PETER SMITH'S new hangout, REVEL! His partners Hammy and Dennis will treat you like Kings. Have the cinnamon chicken wings, the Chinatown rice, and get sexy Gregory to make you a whiskey sour! We spied Marilyn Ramen there with her man Robert Moser. Then off to the CHEAPER SHOW at the old Storyum. Great art all for $200 - really cool stuff and a huge and cute crowd including the mysterious John Anderson. GASTOWN WAS HOPPING! We finished the night at my studio where the vivacious Trudi was hosting with her man Martin and their band, TRUE STORY. They are great, sort of like Tom Waits meets the Stones. And who knew that cutie JP was so talented! Rod Baily blew my mind!

Sunday was KATE OMARA'S birthday - James and Kate live in that amazing Arthur Erikson building "The Waterfall". Nonstop food and laughs, and I finally got to meet the legendary Viki Gabareau. I have known her hubby Tom Rowe for years but never met Vicki - I love her!

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