Thursday, September 04, 2008


William Gibson sent me this....
The Independent, London, today:

If a social commentator of the Lady Bracknell school were to describe the Palin family's rendition of formal wear, they might describe it as perfect... for one's first court appearance. In Alaska, check shirts and camouflage jackets are the order of the day, and family photographs tend to be set in the great outdoors, around the carcass of a moose. As a result, the would-be Second Family didn't so much wear their formal outfits on Wednesday, as get worn by them.

Sarah Palin carried off her two-piece with elegance: those three-quarter length sleeves looked rolled-up and ready for business. But Ms Palin has had 16 years in politics to refine her wardrobe, and is fortunate after five children to retain the slender profile and shapely calves that helped her to the title of Miss Wasilla, 1984.

Her husband, Todd, self-styled "first dude" and judge of this year's Miss Alaska, did well with a dark, two-buttoned suit. But would you buy a used car from him? Eldest son Track resembles a bodyguard, while daughters Bristol and Willow look like old-fashioned girls in pearls.

It's difficult not to feel sympathy for one young man in the line-up. Levi Johnston, Bristol's 18-year-old fiancé, carries his arms dead straight and has trouser creases so sharp they could draw blood. If he really has never worn a tie before, Levi had better get used to it: the coming months will bring the christening of his first-born, not to mention his wedding.

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