Friday, May 29, 2009


The Michele Quan show was great!
Fun to see old friends. Michele is from Vancouver and went off to New York in the 80's to become a Vogue cover girl and successful jewelry designer. She is back with a show that is NOT to be missed! My old gang was there including the most gorgeous girl in high school Kathy Sinclair, Tracy Pincott looked great in stripes on stripes (she looked really tall). Paul Wong was a wonderfull host , David Newson looked sexy and made me feel funny in my pants. Brian Boultan is as handsome as ever. Carol aka "Clicker Leflufy" was in good spirits! And pal Jeanie Lamb got a scooter!

I think I like it. Brian Boultan. Kinda exotic sounding!
Like Brad Gouache!
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