Friday, October 23, 2009


This is what will happen if you eat big mac's!

Please compare also with the image I sent last rolex replica to confirm that this is actually the edge of the bubble it is a little hard to see under the red. The date should be centered underneath this bubble, like rolex replica sale is in the link below, and like it is for every other Rolex I have seen. I know it is a bit hard to spot the edges of the bubble in the rolex replica sale but in real life this is very obvious. I think part of the problem is also that the date fake rolex is too small compared to the bubble, but nevertheless it should certainly be centered. A shot anyway and still nothing rado replica sale so now would like to return this as was a Christmas present and would been nice if rolex replica sale had worked. Could you confirm as requested in last email about costs and forward me the address to send the watch back please.

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