Saturday, February 13, 2010

5 out of 10

Wayne Gretzky looked more like a lesbian than KD Lang who looked like Chaz Bono. Sarah Mc looked like Joan Collins. Bryan and Nellie looked smart , but the song was forgettable. I loved all the background people in white dancing like white people. The whale thing was cool. The ode to global warming was amazing except I did not get the "snow wizards". Hated the tap dancing squeegee kid fiddle fest. Liked the Joni Mitchel song (where was she)? The erectile dysfunction with the flame made me cringe. And Wayners in the back of the pick up being chased by HOSERS was too much. If Bubbles and Randy were at the wheel then maybe! The Brits looked the BEST. The Yanks looked smart in Ralph. The Germans looked like they had on baby clothes. And the Canucks looked like stoned slobs!

Brad Gough gets the first Gold for Canada for his witty repartee and biting commentary! Go Brad Go!!!

PS- you forgot to mention the maxipad/ down filled puffy skirts!
I cringed during the erectile dysfunction as well .
The whole time I was thinking .......... Oh where
is Celine Dion when you need her ! Heehee !
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