Friday, March 26, 2010


Impresario and fantastic host of his new club that replaces the legendary GRACELAND and the landmark RICHARDS ON RICHARDS, VINCENT ALVARO opened his new CLUB 560 tonight, and it is GORGEOUS! Fang and I managed to sneak in past the huge lineup to party with some old chums! The always effervescent and my pal TRACEY PINCOTT kissed everyone in sight. Mary and Dana from Met Home checked out the digs with handsome as heck (if I wasn't hitched) MR. DAVID NEWSON. And my favourite hunk, photographer MARTY TESLER. PAUL WONG was there, and so was (does she ever age) super model and designer PATRICIA HARGREAVES. And can you get any taller, ORAF! Renowned artist MICHEAL MORRIS hung out with a good looking guy, and fellow artist TROLLEY BUS was drinking away with COUSIN IT. No one rocks a beret like STEVE NELSON. Country gal LISA GRANT hammed it up with JIM CUMMINGS, and the always mysterious COROLLA held court. BRIAN BOULTON showed up with his bud MIKEY. And OLIVE finished off the night looking so Glam! The place is wild...but the basement co-ed washroom / bar/ coat check/ disco is crazy!!!

I love Fang.
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