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A pair of pale blue, unwashed and disagreeably stained briefs once belonging to Elvis Presley and worn by The King under one of his jumpsuits in 1977 are about to be sold to the highest bidder when they go on the auction block at Omega Auctions in Stockport, UK, on September 8. The King-size undergarment is double-paneled at the crotch because Elvis was not a fan of birdwatchers and liked to keep his man parts mysterious – if not entirely clean – under all the sequins. Imagine how much more popular he might have become had he allowed even the faintest outline of his peen. The mind boggles. The underwear was obtained from the estate of Elvis’ father, Vernon, and had been on display at the famous Elvis-A-Rama Museum in Paradise, Nevada, for many years, until the museum was bought by Graceland and subsequently shuttered. Also on the block: Elvis’ shoes, gun holster, and signed copy of The Omen. (via opposingviews)

and....he's back! Anyone want to go birdwatching this weekend?
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